At Mind O Mind our main focus is get the positive results and treat you faster so you can have a normal, no matter what you are going through with, be it depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Epilepsy, Bipolar, PTSD, OCD or any Psychological Disorder. We very well know how to work with your psychological issues and we always get the results and  our clients are always happy with our service. 

We are thankful to all our clients who share their experience and feedback.

    Raghu – Rajahmundry

 I had been suffering from depression, with all the negative thoughts by which I was unable to concentrate on my studies and career, had been to may   doctors and therapist but nothing worked. Dr. Mujeeb Sir’s sessions are very helpful, when I came here I felt that my problem will never be cured, but   after Dr. Mujeeb Sir’s Therapy I felt motivated, confident and all the my negative thoughts disappeared. Thanks Sir for bringing my life back with your   therapy and counselling. I can tell Dr. Mujeeb Sir is very friendly and he is able to understand the problem very well and root cause of the problem.  


I am very grateful and thankful for all your support and giving my life back and setting me free from my negative thoughts..            


My 16 years old son had low self-esteem and low confidence and that was effecting his studies, and he would never talk in front of others, so my sister who is also a doctor suggested me to consult a therapist and one of my family friend referred Mind O Mind but we were not sure how it will work, but I would say it was great experience, in just two session we saw a big difference in my son’s behaviour and after fourth session his confidence increases and now is perfectly alright. 

K. Reddy

I would say unbelievable experience with Dr. Mujeeb, it’s Mind o Mind but I would say it’s Mind Blowing, never thought it was so easy to kick out my depression, struggled with depression for years and visited many doctors, psychiatrist and therapist, was on medication for long time but no use. Just had two hours session and worked out like a magic, still 4 sessions left but already feel much better. 

Sri Vidhya - Warangal

I had been a depression patient for 15 years and thought I will always have to live with my depression, but Dr. Abdul Mujeeb therapy sessions were amazing, he used such a wonder counselling, that helped me so much to get rid of my depression. I am so grateful to him, my life is totally changed and I am living my life the way I want. I would recommend anyone who wants to get rid of their problem. Thanks you sir.  

Kaleem Ahmed

I am an engineering student, I was bullied for years because of my overweight and my looks, I felt very low in life and felt nobody love me and was lonely and I was always frustrated and had suicidal thoughts and in fact I once attempted. And then I went into shell, my whole family was disturbed and worried. One day by brother somehow got in  contact with Dr. Abdul Mujeeb, and after his therapy session today I feel that I am the happiest person and I don’t care what people think about me.. I am very confident and feel like I can achieve anything in life.. just would like thank you sir for understanding me. 

Pramita Boini

Thank you so much Dr. Abdul Mujeeb for giving me my life back, I was on medicines for long time prescribed by psychiatrist for my depression and panic attacks and related mental disorders but none worked, in fact the side effect was severe and I lost my two years in my bed room, I am glad some one refereed me to you and initially I was very skeptical because my past experienced with other doctors and therapist as nothing helped to be normal. Dr. Abdul Mujeeb is not like any other Consular or therapist, he is so down to earth and understanding, I never felt like I was talking to a doctor and I was very comfortable to share everything with him and he worked on the root cause of the problem. I would definitely refer to anyone without a single thought.

Neeraj Kumar 

Suffered a lot for years and now I feel like I am a free bird, amazing experience with Dr. Abdul Mujeeb's counselling and therapy, took me into different world. all I could say after his sessions, suffering is the choice we create by our own mind and with Dr. Abdul Mujeeb you can be free too. Sir I have lot of respect and gratitude for your services. Thanks for giving my life back.        


My son was suffering from epilepsy for six years, and one of my family friend referred Dr. Abdul for counselling session, and I thought how epilepsy can be cured by therapy and just ignored but looking at my son's condition I thought will try once and then Doctor explained me clearly and I was convinced and in just four sessions, my son's seizures were in control. Kudos to Dr. Abdul.

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